Free Software for Non-Profits

It's true! The best part about being a non-profit (at least from a tech standpoint) is access to free and/or heavily discounted software. If you're a non-profit and currently paying for software such as Microsoft Office, Windows, Google Apps, Office 365, QuickBooks, Adobe XI Pro, Adobe Photoshop Elements, or anti-virus software contact Tech+ today for some free resources.

Free software aside, non-profits are some of our favorite clients. We'd like to partner with you to make the world better. Tech Plus Consulting can handle the technology so you can focus on the important stuff.

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Sample Solutions:

With the Teleconnect Fund: Californian non-profits are eligable to receive such services like internet access and phone lines at a discount. Pair that with Amazon Workspaces and you have a fast Virtual Workstation.

Amazon Workspaces lets you rent Windows 7 Desktops on-demand with secure access via PC, Mac, iPad, Android, and Kindle. These virtual machines are easy to maintain and allow remote workers to access their software and programs with ease. Collaboration amongst multiple offices is suddenly a breeze. As an Amazon Cloud Partner we can recommend the right solution for you. 

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Try us at no Cost or Risk

We are so certain you'll love us that if you are a new customer, the first hour is on the house. Use this FREE time to solve a quick problem, or for a second opinion. We’d like to offer you an on-site IT evaluation. We will assess any network vulnerabilities and look at ways we can get better performance, speed, and reliability out of your existing equipment. Click here to learn more.