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Tech Plus Consulting's New Oakland IT Support NOC

It's official! We finally got the TV mounted and I've declared our office an official NOC - Network Operations Center. This special setup allows us to better monitor our client's network - servers, workstations, IP Phones, etc

Here's how it works:

  • We have the TV on the wall in the office where everyone can see it. It has a computer connected (soon to be replaced with a Raspberry Pi) that runs Google Chrome in Full Screen (simply hit F11 in Chrome). In Chrome we use the FREE Revolver Tabs Extension to circle through our dashboard tabs every 30 seconds (you can change it to custom intervals).
  • Our TV then cycles through a few different webpages: 
  1. Our dashboards (showing daily logged calls/emails, completed and open tasks, cases and their statuses, weekly goals, customer satisfaction scores, etc. 
  2. Our remote monitoring software (showing us the status of our customers machines: last backup date, virus scan results, hardware tests, available disk space, CPU and memory usage, internet connection status, etc. 
  3. Problems our remote monitoring has detected (color coded by severity - often there will be false alerts or low priority issues - such as a client slowly running out of disk space, a tracking cookie removed, memory usage high, or a backup that was delayed) 
  4. Our IFTTT Package tracking (showing tracking for any vendor parts being shipped to us and updated hourly delivery ETA's
  5. Something funny, cool, or inspirational of the day (we like to have fun too!)
  • In addition to the TV we have Philips Hue Wi-Fi connected LED lightbulbs. I can't say enough how cool these are! I bought them at the Emeryville Best Buy for Black Friday, and connected them to our remote monitoring system. It is setup to flash the lights and/or change the color to alert us of a client issue. For example if our client's internet or server goes down it will flash red, then for smaller non urgent errors it will flash light blue. I'm still programming in all the specifics. I'm also integrating them into my home lights for clients we monitor 24/7. 
  • Lastly what is not mentioned on the video is that we also receiveText Message Alerts for our client outages, including a system that alerts the next tech if the fist does not respond. We also get email alerts too, and check the system on our Workstations too.

Anyways I'm really proud of our little network operations center and can confidently say I think we are the best solution if you are in the need of Oakland IT Support. If you have any suggestions for improvement or you'd like more details on our setup feel free to reach out to me directly:

Chris Stovle
(510) 764.1959 or chris [at] 

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