Why Do Business with Tech+

Why? Because of our Integrity.

We live our values and are willing to tell you if we are not the right fit for you. With that let's start here:

Our primary focus is Managed IT Solutions for Small Businesses with 5-45 users. That is the perfect size of company that we can support really, really well. If you come to us with global offices, and hundreds of employees we are going to turn you down. As much as we would love that kind of business and would be honored to Partner with a say a Fortune 500, we just aren't ready for that and you would be better served by a larger IT company.

What we are offer is boutique service for small companies that want a partner in technology. If your looking for the lowest price - we are not that! What we offer is value and personal service. We want to partner with small companies and grow with together. Tech+ You.


Try us at no Cost or Risk

We are so certain you'll love us that if you are a new customer, the first hour is on the house. Use this FREE time to solve a quick problem, or for a second opinion. We’d like to offer you an on-site IT evaluation. We will assess any network vulnerabilities and look at ways we can get better performance, speed, and reliability out of your existing equipment. Click here to learn more.